Wrong Fuel Incident Next Time It Could Be You

There are still many motorists who have not heard about misfuelling. It refers to loading wrong fuel into a car tank. And I have been
one of them. Recently I have come across two motorists who have been ignorant
just like me and victims to wrong fuel incident.

In first case, one of my friends realized his mistake at
the fuel pump and stopped […]

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How to Change Car Oil It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

If you own a car, it won’t take you much of time to realize that maintenance is difficult and also quite expensive.
Garage booking would be a great option to keep your car safe and you don’t need to worry about hazards as to broken vehicle. It always makes sense to pick up some lessons about maintenance/repairing of your own car.

Topping […]

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Importance of Using Right Fuel in Car

Some motorists use high grade fuel in their vehicle in
order to improve performance while others stick to lower grade variety to free
up space on their fuel cost. According to industry experts, both create
problems. Misfuelling will have negative effect on horsepower as
well as may damage some parts in the vehicle’s fuel supply system. Therefore,
it will be better for you to know […]

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When Petrol Goes into a Diesel Peugeot 307

and John were enjoying a great holiday with their children and grandchildren on
Suffolk/Norfolk border. They come here every year to spend their vacation with
family. It was unfortunate for them that just one day before they were to come
back home, they had an emergency NO MILK!

kids are very fond of milk and it seemed that they could have to […]

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Fuel Mixture in VW Golf

Rebecca went with her friends on a
mission to give Lisa a Hen Party that she would never forget to remember.
They thought to host the party somewhere in Birmingham. Rebecca got her journey
to a bad start. At first, heel came out off one of her most favourite pairs of
shoes. Morning shows the day she thought and wanted […]

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Understanding Car Tax Bands

This write-up, just like
our previous blog is not about
fuel removal, rather we have chosen
another important vehicle-related topic to educate our readers

Car tax bands in UK are
based on carbon dioxide emission by your vehicle. Light goods and vehicles that
are registered before March of 2001 have their car tax rates based on the
engine size. 

With growing concern
over how car CO2 emissions negatively […]

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Inflated MPG Claim by the Car Manufacturers

you have bought a petrol or diesel vehicle, you are most probably aware of the
reality that it is almost impossible to get even closer to the figures quoted
by the car manufacturers for its MPG (Miles per Gallon). So you might wonder
why these manufactures claim such inflated figures when they know it very well
that nobody in the world is going to […]

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Use of Wrong Octane Fuel – Will It Be a Cause for Breakdown

It was the previous weekend when Harris Heinrich came up with a problem that his 2010 Cadillac SRX Turbo had suffered severe
internal damages while he was performing test drive. He also added the car had to be almost plucked from a mountain road side.

Harris was of the view that damages suffered by his car were partly due to misfuelling problems.
The […]

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