What to do in case if you have problem with Unleaded in diesel car engine, or diesel have to be removed from unleaded petrol car.

            We have worked with a number of customers
over the past years and have gained a lot of experience. Our technicians have
always been able to solve our customers’ problems, be it in the middle of the
night or sometime during the day.

Today, let us discuss two cases where our
technicians have proved that they are probably the […]

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Someone who knows how to remove wrong fuel from diesel car


 Most people, who drive through long
distances regularly, know what to check before you set out on a
journey. Yet, you never know what the journey ahead of you has in
store. No matter how careful you are with things, you may land up in

I travel a lot, all over the country,
delivering portable electronic products to clients for […]

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Wrong Fuel in Car, Petrol in Diesel Car

               I work as an car mechanic, which in
turn lets me work with cars all the time. I have learnt a lot over the last
couple of years, one of the things being the fact that if you have pumped in
wrong fuel in your car, you must get a specialized technician to solve the

regular customer […]

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The Cost of Fixing Your Motor Home When You Fill in the Wrong Fuel

One of the most frustrating facts to face
when you are out on a holiday in a motor home is that you have filled up the
vehicle with the wrong fuel! Be it a rented vehicle or one that you own,
covering up for this mistake may result in a number of hassles unless you are
aware of what needs to be done under […]

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When You Fill in the Wrong Fuel in Your Truck and are Stuck on the Road

I recently got a call from a customer, Tom,
who was stuck on the highway with his truck. He has been driving his truck for
the last five years or so and has been on very long road trips in the past.

Tom had accidentally started filling petrol
in his diesel truck, which he realised after filling in about 4 litres. He
already had around […]

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Mixing Up Petrol and Diesel – From Thames Valley Police to the Regular Public!

If you have recently filled in the wrong fuel in your car, here is some news for you. You are not the only person who
has done it. There are numerous people who have made this mistake and are still
doing it regularly. Even the police department has done it over and over again!

According to a recent survey done by Oxford
Mail, the […]

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Wrong Fuel Tips: What to Check When a Portable Generator Stops Working?

If you own a portable generator that has
run out of warranty and stopped working as well, you may be interested in
knowing what may have gone wrong with it. The good thing is, sometimes very
small issues may cause a portable generator to stop working. Things can be easily
fixed without much trouble.

However, if the generator has gone through
some major damage, you may […]

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Why Are Petrol Prices on The Rise In The UK?

I remember buying petrol for 90 pence a
litre back in 2009. Today, for the same litre, I am paying around 136 pence.
That’s a huge hike in the price over these 4 years, at least for most of us.
When you consider the salary you draw, the taxes you pay and the other expenses
you have, sometimes it does feel that owning and […]

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