Diesel vs Petrol

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Diesel vs
Petrol Which Will Work Best
More and more of people are buying cars without knowing
what would be the best choice for them petrol or diesel? Diesel car is often
considered the best choice from the view point of running cost. Diesel cars
produce lower emissions which lead to cheaper road tax.
Diesel cars are more expensive than their petrol versions
of the same model. Off late, there has been a significant increase in petrol
engine economy. This along with inexpensive price of petrol over diesel has
exposed many car owners to an important question are diesel cars still the
better choice as far as running cost is concerned?
We also need to consider residual value for both types of
fuel. Usually the diesel car types retain their value more than the petrol
versions due to lower road tax and much better fuel economy. Servicing costs
are similar in both versions. With arrival of quieter diesel cars (engines
don’t produce much of sound), sometimes the only sign that you are not in a
petrol car and riding in a diesel car is the rev counter.
Diesel vs Petrol Which One to Choose
Diesel engines, compared to their petrol counterparts,
have more torque a feature which works better while towing the car to
overtake at low revs. The latest diesel cars are designed more
environment-friendly. They are fitted with diesel particulate filters which suck
the black emissions and soot that are very common in case of diesel cars.
There are several factors to consider, including residual
value, annual mileage, insurance cost, motoring needs, purchasing power, while
buying a car. These features vary from one model to another. If you like a
particular model, compare the residual value, price, mpg, insurance, road tax
etc in a petrol vs diesel scenario.
Input your annual mileage into the petrol bill calculator
to find out yearly running cost that you have to bear. Enlist the yearly cost
with other details and you will have a clear picture on running cost for both
petrol and diesel cars; that will help you make an educated choice.

Another important point to remember is if you wrongly
place petrol in diesel car, it would cause you a fortune whereas the opposite
is hardly a possibility and even if it happens, it will cause your engine no
heavy harm.