Have You Heard about Misfuel Insurance

by | Jan 10, 2014 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

           Many people are having their name added to the list of
the most forgetful persons after filling up their car tank with wrong type of
fuel. The incident clearly shows it is surprisingly easy to make a mistake like petrol in diesel car. That explains why many insurance companies have included
misfueling insurance as a part of their standard car insurance policies.
           Many times, you get engrossed into thoughts or start
talking to your co-passenger with the fuel pipe in your hand. You just pull the
trigger to refill your car tank but forget to ensure that you are holding the
right pump. Suddenly you look down and scream out it’s not the right pump!
That means calling in a breakdown service provider,
getting the wrong fuel taken out, replenish the car tank and obviously checking
work is also accommodated into this wider array of wrongfueling service. That
means you have to belt out a larger sum for this purpose. However, with good
insurance coverage, it is fairly easy to pass the cost burden to your insurer.
According to misfueling coverage, your car insurer will
pay for the following types of works:
Fuel tank
draining with help of a specialist service provider
Cost of
towing your car to the nearest repairer
Recovery of
your car
the car tank with a certain amount (usually 10 liters) of the correct fuel
Misfueling coverage included in any car insurance
policy specifies a certain limit, up to which you are allowed to claim at a
time. For additional expenses, you have to give it out of your own pocket.
As misfueling is very common a mistake, so it is wise
if you choose to purchase a standard car insurance policy that includes wrongfuel
coverage. This way, you can avoid heavy expenses at a time for wrong fuel
draining. Before making insurance purchase, get in touch with a professional
who can provide you with good suggestions on what you should do.

         Misfueling insurance is, no doubt, a great help to solve fuel mistake though there will be some common restrictions in
your policy. For instance, your car won’t be covered if such incident happens
outside UK or if your vehicle is used for commercial purpose. Other exclusions
also might be there, so you should check the insurance policy which exactly you
are provided with