Insurance Coverage for Wrong Fuel Mistake

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A good number of wrong fuel specialists are always ready
to handle the cases where the motorists put wrong fuel in their car tank. This
is one of the most common mistakes done by them. Of all wrong fuel mistakes,
petrol in diesel car is more common and dangerous for your engine. The opposite
happens too though it’s a rare case as diesel nozzle does not fit into opening
of petrol tank. Those, who are unfamiliar with consequences of mis-fuel
mistake, may think such incidents no big deal and so the repairing expenses
often take them by surprise.
Majority of the car insurance providers don’t offer
policies that cover expenses for wrong fuel mistakes. However, the rest (they
are very few) provide standard coverage in this regard, with some allowing such
coverage to be purchased for additional payment. If such things are not
mentioned in a car insurance policy, you can be pretty sure that it is excluded
in that particular type or the car insurance provider may not have such
coverage for any of their policies.
How much do you have to cough out for
mis-fuel mistake?
There is no doubt that wrong fuel
mistake is very costly but how much it costs you depends on the car model you
are driving. There are also other factors that can determine if you can avoid
heavy expenses to correct your mistake. If you drive it without realizing that
wrong fuel has taken entry into car tank, then chance is high that you have to
pay through your nose. However, most of the motorists are very lucky to go away
with a simple drain-out solution, after which they can easily refuel their car
and drive once again.
However, in the worst cases, the
scenario could be disastrous and may leave the car drivers with a hefty bill
for repairing and even replacement. Let us now take a look at the
industry-standard prices charged for fixing up mis-fuel mistakes:
£175- £200 This is the commonly quoted amount for
drain-out work
Recovery at a dealership could set you back by anything
between £100 and £200. The actual amount depends on distances.
Extra charges for new parts (if the old ones are to be