Petrol in Diesel Car Does It Always Lead to Injector Damage

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

you search on the internet regarding wrong fuel mistake and potential disaster,
you will find a lot of articles and blogs warning you about how and to what
extent, petrol may damage diesel injectors. True it is that petrol is never
good for diesel engines. However, in most of the cases, the possible consequence
is the car will not run on wrong fuel. So there must be some amount of diesel in
your car for it to move. Diesel, apart from functioning as fuel, also
lubricates inwards of the engine.
are several reported cases of fuel drains everyday and in only a few of them, injector
suffers damages because the car has been driven on fuel mixture. So it is a
rare event when a car driver or owner has to pocket out a fortune for injector
repairing or replacement just because he/she has loaded petrol into his/her
diesel car.
of the most important features of petrol is it features an abrasive quality. A
diesel injector knocks back and forth to discharge diesel into the piston,
forcing diesel through very small pin hole spaces that are found on the tip
of the injector into the piston. Presence of diesel mixture strips off steel
from the tip, which in turn, damages the seal and the injector can also never
fully close.
these lead to a situation when fuel will get into the piston and as a result,
there will be a considerable increase in fuel consumption and you will have a
feel of rough ride, which is a sign of note that the car starts belching out
more smoke than what it does normally after being booted. White smoke is
emitted when mis-fuel mistake is caused by petrol not burning. But if you see
lot of black smoke coming out, that will be a telltale sign of injector damage.

Good news is the
injectors fail seldom but bad news is damaged injectors may cost you a tidy sum.
So if you need a replacement, shop around for a new injector. It will be better
for you to approach an independent specialist before visiting a main dealer.