Petrol in Diesel Car engine Potential Damages & Possible Solutions

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It is not only a mistake but
misfueling can turn out to be a big disaster if you have loaded a good amount
of wrong fuel and allows it to stay in your car tank for a long time. Wrong fueling
means loading unleaded petrol in diesel engine or doing just the opposite. Whatever
the case is, it is important for you to enlighten yourself about the potential
damages that might happen to your car.
Compared to gasoline
engines, diesel engines are more prone to damages. If you own a diesel car and have
accidentally poured gasoline into it, prep up for expensive repairing that
might well go up as high as £10,000. Adding to your woes is the car warranty which usually does not
provide coverage for misfueling.
Types of damages your diesel car may suffer
Placing gasoline in a diesel vehicle is likely to create a major problem
for fuel pumps, fuel injectors, thereby damaging the entire fuel delivery
system of your car.
However, you are yet to suffer major problem which will hit your car hard
once you start the engine after filling the tank with wrong fuel.
Even if you have pumped in a small quantity of gasoline, it may cause big
Gasoline is a solvent in diesel. Gasoline elements under high pressure
reduce lubrication, thereby inflicting heavy damages on the screen.
What to do?
Don’t start
your vehicle once you realize what mistake you have done. Walk your car to a
nearby mechanic store and pump out all petrol in diesel car.  
Once this is
done, ask the mechanic to give an exact assessment of damages.
If you have
not started the car, you are less likely to be hit with heavy repairing expenses.
But if it is not the case, repairing bill may burn a hole in your pocket. In
fact, it even seems a better idea to go for engine replacement or even buy a
new car.

So always put yourself on high alert while fuelling
car, especially if it is a diesel car. Also play safe by not starting the car
or turning the ignition on. In either cases of misfueling, it is always better
to involve an expert mechanic like mobile fuel drain specialist to fix up the issues.