Possible Damages That Could Emerge from Wrong fuel in car

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         Wrong fuel is an easy mistake to make. Lapse in
concentration for just a few minutes and you may be ruined. Diesel into petrol
car won’t be that much serious for most of the time but the same can never
be guaranteed if the opposite happens.
Depending on the extent of damage, you may be required
to splurge out even a few thousand pounds for your engine recovery. However, in
the worst case, you may have to consider a new buy instead of splashing out for
recovery purpose. So let’s find out what kinds of damages misfueling can induce
your car with.
Learn the potential damages of
         It is more likely that you know someone who did a
misfueling mistake but despite that, escaped big damages. But a good number of
persons are not so fortunate after full-blown misfueling incidents and damages
could be severe if luck is really not on your side.
By filling a diesel car with unleaded, you invite some
of the worst possibilities concerning your car engine. Why? It is because
petrol is a chemical solvent and it gets very difficult to pump out contaminated
And get ready to surrender thousands of pounds if the
contaminated fuel enters into the fuel system. Metal particles from your car
pump could also get deposited in the fuel tank, stepping up the extent of
What you should do?
        If you have accidentally placed wrong fuel in your car
but realize it before starting out, ask for help at the petrol station. The
assistants may be of some good help. Also inform your car insurance company as
well as a wrong fuel drainer.
Better for you is to put the vehicle in neutral and
ask for someone’s help to tow the car to a safe location. However, whatever you
do with your car, don’t forget to turn off the ignition.

If you
identify the problem only after setting off and when you are more than a few
hundred yards away from the petrol court, try to stop at once and take it to a
safer spot. Immediately contact a wrong fuel draining service provider to pump
out fuel from car tank
and replenish the same.