Process of Wrong Fuel Draining (Part I)

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A wrongly fueled car must be attended as early aspossible, especially if a diesel car is filled with petrol. In that case,
catastrophic consequences will start immediately. There are three ways to
remove contaminated fuel out of your car tank:-
On-spot mobile evacuation process
Recovery at a garage depot
Recovery at the main dealer’s site
Method I:
A mobile fuel draining service provider is
required to conform to all stringent safety guidelines in order to perform
wrong fuel removal on the roads in UK. The kit should contain a specially
designed storage tank of 250-300 liter of capacity, which is usually installed
into a Ford Transit or the likes. Furthermore, this must be built according to
US compliance standards and also designed to store explosive materials. There
will be two pumps in tandem, which will be specially designed to deal with both
diesel and petrol.
These units must be compliant with ATEX, which is
an EU instruction defining design specification for dealing with explosive
materials and other machinery involved. There will be other ancillary
equipment including spill kits, starter packs as well as provision of clean
fuel supply once a car is drained out.
There must be a string of metal braided hoses, with
different designs for the tip. These can be tied to either of two extraction
pipes. Any reputed wrong fuel draining agency has trained staff who can use
this equipment and must have completed a 2-day training session with Safety
Passport Alliance.
Training provides the fuel draining technicians
with skill and also enables them to work efficiently in a fuel station. After
he cordons off the wrongly fueled car with cones, then only he chooses
appropriate braded hose and gets an access to the car’s fuel tank through the
filler neck.

The removal process should be completed within 15
minutes. Once this is done, the car will be re-fueled this time with the
correct type restarted and checked for damages. After the mechanic makes sure
that everything is okay and gives a green signal, you are back on the road with
your prized possession.