When Petrol Goes into a Diesel Peugeot 307

by | Sep 2, 2014 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

and John were enjoying a great holiday with their children and grandchildren on
Suffolk/Norfolk border. They come here every year to spend their vacation with
family. It was unfortunate for them that just one day before they were to come
back home, they had an emergency NO MILK!
kids are very fond of milk and it seemed that they could have to go without it.
And John decided to drive four miles for his lovely grandchildren. But when he
tried to start the engine, it made no response. That was very strange as the
car was working well when he loaded unleaded into car tank at the A47/A11
junction of Norwich the night before. Suddenly he remembered that it was his
diesel Peugeot 307 that he had driven to the vacation spot but put petrol
instead of diesel. The worse thing was he had driven more than 20 miles with
fuel mixture. 
it a serious mistake? Has it caused heavy damages to my car? Will it be all
right? How much time will it take to be back on road?” Now these were what Joy
was thinking. He was worried as it was the first misfuelling
mistake in his life and he had no good idea about how to get rid of the
searched on the internet and chanced upon several names of wrong fuel drainagespecialists. John selected one of them as it promised quick service at a very
attractive price. A quick phone call reached their desk and the technicians
departed almost in no time. After 30 minutes on the clock, the technicians were
on the scene. John was surprised as he thought that the experts would not
arrive until the next day. The technicians comforted them by saying that things
would be sorted out within one hour. John and his family were aghast to see
that the mechanics were true to their words. 
surprise was awaiting them when John asked how much he would have to dispense
with. How such first-rate and fast service could be so cheap on pocket? He said
under his breath!