Why You Should Be Extra Careful About Not Using Petrol in Diesel Car

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Petrol in diesel , diesel in petrol – how this happens?

wrong fuel recovery

Petrol in diesel , diesel in petrol – how this happens? Cars have always been my passion. I remember  driving my father’s car as a kid. A fifteen minute drive was the best gift for  me from my Dad. I enjoyed every minute of it, till I saved up every penny I  could get and bought myself an old car just after high school. That was just  the beginning.

Though I don’t work as a mechanic in a  garage, I personally look into each and every issue related to the three cars I  own today. I still have my first car, which is a hatchback. I also own a sedan  and an SUV. The SUV is the latest on my list.
up to the mountains
My friends and I had planned a road trip to
the mountains in my SUV. We planned the trip in such a way that we would start
in the morning, reach the spot in the afternoon, and then start back just
before it starts to get dark. The maps were laid out, we got our food supplies,
and everything was perfect. What we forgot to check in the excitement was the
amount of fuel the car had left in it.
due to rain
The day was glorious and we reached the
mountains well before time. After a good deal of snapping pictures and a tasty
barbeque party, we decided to call it a day and start on our way back. That was
when the downpours came.
The roads were extremely muddy. So we
decided to wait a bit and start once the storm and the rain subsides. This
delayed our plans by over two hours.
When we finally started on our way back, it
was already dark. Moreover, I realised that we were going to need fuel to get
back home safely. There were not many service stations on the route we took. So
we decided to get the car filled at the very first service station we passed.
When we reached the service station, it had
started to rain again. I remained in the car while my friend went to fill the
car. That was when she filled up petrol in my diesel car!
issue is finally resolved
only would the car not start, but the engine was emitting smoke continuously.
Moreover, after a while the engine just died! I was really shocked and we
straightaway asked the mechanic for help. It was a tough situation, and we had
to flush out the whole fuel system, the fuel filter and the pistons before we could be on our way again. The
petrol had clogged the diesel fuel system, which was causing these issues. We
decided to stay overnight at the adjacent motel till the car was fixed.

to take away

and diesel engines operate differently. The wrong fuel
will clog your car’s fuel system. If the wrong fuel has been filled in your
car, the fuel system needs to be flushed completely before you can drive your
car again. If you continue to drive your car with the wrong fuel, the entire
fuel system and the pistons may need replacement.