Fuel Removal

Three Steps to Speedy, Straightforward Wrong Fuel Removal

Sooner or later, everyone slips up at the pumps. Busy days can overwhelm us, particularly late at night when the stress is still high and your mind’s on work, and we often hear “The kids were arguing and I looked over at them at just the wrong moment,” or similar explanations.

It’s easy to end up with diesel in a petrol tank or petrol in the diesel – but that’s almost not the point. The point is:

What Do You Do When You Realise?

Our Mobile Fuel Drain Team attend multiple customers every day helping them get back on the road with minimal wear and tear put on their engines.

These experts recommend three simple steps:

We’ll be there in no time.

Then we drain out the wrong fuel (including flushing the fuel lines and filter), and add 5-10 litres of the right fuel to get you on your way, cycling the fresh fuel through the fuel lines to wash out any last traces.

This way you don’t end up paying to be towed to a garage or for substantial engine repairs – you just get back on the road as safely as possible as quickly as possible.

We have ISO 9001 and PAS 43 certification for mobile drain and recovery.