wrong fuel in car

Forget about embarrassment if wrong fuel in car – call Wrong Fuel Recovery

At Wrong Fuel Recovery, human error is basically what we deal with. So a huge percentage of calls daily are from people who have made a mistake during refueling their cars and have called up to ask for our help. We feel proud to have helped them in their hour of need and that is exactly what makes us a […]

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Wrong Fuel Recovery helps – First rides are always special

Our services are to help people rectify their mistakes with the least amount of hassle possible. Over the years, we have distinguished ourselves in providing speedy solutions to wrong fuelling of cars and it has left us with quite a number of memorable incidents. Wrong Fuel recovery helps people in situations where nothing seems to be helping.

One such incident happened […]

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Wrong Fuel Recovery: Saving the day

Wrong Fuel Recovery has grown leaps and bounds in its reputation as a prompt service delivery company and we intend to keep it that way. During the course of our daily work, we encounter situations and customers of a wide variety but our sole purpose still remains constant – satisfying our customers to the best of our abilities and to […]

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Wrong Fuel Removal Help: Providing Relief to Customers Is Our Primacy

Wrong fuelling is getting more & more known to every individual just because the crucial work of filling car-engine needs much attention & care with a little bit patience. But people have no extra time to waste on merely loading petrol or diesel into their cars. They generally do that hurriedly or inattentively & commit wrong fuel mistake. Wrong fuelling […]

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Wrong Fuel in Car – The Definitive Guide

More than one in seven of us have done it.

Men are twice as likely to do it than women.

Police officers are frequent offenders.

Misfuelling is the act of putting diesel fuel in a petrol car, or vice versa – and it occurs on average every four minutes. It can be humiliating, embarrassing and ultimately very costly.

Damaged cars will need flushing, may […]

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