Wrong Fuel Accident in Leeds?

Have you put the wrong fuel in your car? It’s surprisingly common – over 400 cases happen every day in the UK, and as you’d expect, the majority of them take place either on the motorway or in major cities like Leeds.

Whether it’s diesel in the petrol tank or petrol in a diesel engine, help is at hand.

Advice from the Experts

When you realise the mistake, don’t drive to a garage! We can’t stress this one enough – driving cycles the wrong fuel through your engine and that only increases the risk of damage and corrosion in the long-term.

Get off the road and somewhere safe – then call us immediately. If your misfuelling is in Leeds, you’re going to be very close to one of our mobile teams, and they’ll be with you quickly.

We can flush your system, eliminating all traces of the wrong fuel, and get you refilled and back on your way quickly.

Getting in Touch

You can reach us on 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922, 24/7. Just tell us where you are and what the make and model of your car is and we’ll be there as soon as possible. We can also help if you realise you put AdBlue in the fuel tank rather than its own tank.

We’re happy to help however we can – so sit back and trust us in confidence.