Diesel in Petrol – wrong fuel in car Leicester

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Last week, we weaved through a heavy pack of traffic to discover Stephan on the roadside nearby a crossing in Leicestershire. He asked for our help late at night and we did not disappoint him. He was in a big trouble as the car was not starting and he was feeling extremely tired while coming back from his emergency duty at a local hospital.

wrong fuel in car Leicester

wrong fuel in car Leicester

Luckily he identified the problem when the car refused to take start. He had put wrong fuel in car Leicester. Such incident is rare due to mismatch of diesel nozzle and diameter of fuel pump opening. He sounded worried and tensed. We requested him to cool down as panicking is never a solution and just cripples one’s nerves.

We reached on the spot within half an hour as promised. It was a new model that attracted a big investment. He feared if he could drive the car once again. We assured him of getting his car up and running in quicker span of time. We spent only 25 minutes to evacuate the car tank – he filled in 10 litters of diesel – and clean the system properly.

No fault was found during test-drive and he was evidently relieved to be on his way home.

What our wrong fuel recovery service covers?

We offer a complete package when it comes to wrong fuel drain-out service. This package covers wrong fuel in car Leicester removal from your car tank, cleansing of fuel channel as well as engine and checking for errors. Sometimes, wrong-fuelling leaves minor to heavy damages on car engine and those faults must be addressed after fuel is recovered.

We do everything possible to ensure that your car is not only free from fuel mixture but also any kind of imaginable damage due to misfuelling. We have advanced resources and competent manpower at our disposal to handle even the most complicated wrong-fuelling incident and work on latest sophisticated models.

Avoid the expense of transportation fees and engine repairs by call us now on 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922 with four quick steps you’ll be on your way. Put your mind at ease, the cavalry are here – with ISO 9001 and PAS 43 we are fully certified for roadside recovery everywhere and mobile fuel drain.