Helped a Family Reach Home in Time – wrong fuel Watford Hertfordshire

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wrong fuel in car Seat Watford Hertfordshire

wrong fuel in car Seat Watford Hertfordshire

We receive numerous calls each day from motorists who have put wrong fuel into their car. One such call has been discussed today: They were a family of four coming back home from a weekend spent at the beach. They were relaxed since they had spent two days at the beach and were heading home. The kids were singing songs and their parents were having fun listening to them. Finally, they had to stop not because they had reached home, but because they had reached the fuel court and had to stop for refuelling the car. They were not aware that the kids’ father was filling in petrol into their diesel car, he put wrong fuel Watford Hertfordshire.

They would have started heading back home immediately once the man approached the car, however, he did not come quickly and even when he came he said that they would have to wait for a while. When asked by his wife and kids he said that while paying for the fuel he noticed that he had filled in petrol into the car and since it was a huge quantity he could not do anything about it. When the kids asked what they were waiting for he replied that the man in-charge of the fuel court had asked him to wait and made a call to someone and informed them about the situation.

Yes we had received that call and had immediately sent a team to the fuel court to correct this mis-fuelling incident, to remove wrong fuel Watford Hertfordshire. Our team reached them in fifty minutes and had them back on the road in another thirty minutes. They had to remove petrol from the fuel tank, and then check the fuel tank and all lines if there was any fuel left behind after flushing. There was some residue which was then cleaned by filling right fuel into the tank. This fuel was allowed to move into the fuel lines so that no residue of petrol could remain in the car. After some time the right fuel was also removed and after ensuring that the tank was empty, diesel was filled in so that the family could get going. They were thankful to the experts as they had to reach home that night since the next day was Monday.

Here are our advice if you have put wrong fuel Watford Hertfordshire:

  • Relax. This happens all the time and we are on hand to fix this problem for you quickly.
  • Keep the engine off. If you try to start the engine again, it will cause damage, so please leave it off until we get there.
  • Call us on 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922. We’re ready and waiting 24/7.

If you need a fast and professional wrong fuel recovery, you’re in the right place.