Pump out wrong fuel from diesel and unleaded petrol cars.

by | Jul 2, 2013 | Wrong Fuel in Car | 0 comments


This morning i had a call out for wrong fuel removal from Vauxhall in Bletchley. David was trying to pump out unleaded from his diesel car and accidentally lost his suction tool in his car’s fuel system. Pipe he was trying to use was too short and unappropriated for this job. Sometimes it is good to do little bit of research or goggling before the DIY job you want to do. For mobile fuel drain professionals as us it was not hard job to rectify his mistake and complete fuel removal procedure.
           There are many different fuel transfer tools in the market, but not many will be suitable for sucking or pumping out wrong fuel or fuel drain. From my own experience only 20-30% of all vehicles can be drained with standard fuel suction kit. Even if you succeed with fuel removal tool It is very unlikely that you have removed all fuel from fuel tank. Anyway if you have any questions call us for advice or help Wrong Fuel Recovery 0800 193 1103

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