Remove unleaded from diesel car tank

by | Jun 19, 2013 | Wrong Fuel in Car | 0 comments

       Early in the morning I received call from Mick. He was stuck on the road with wrong fuel in his car somewhere in the middle of London. His concern was how to remove unleaded from diesel Mercedes ML350 avoid paying thousands of pounds. Main dealers’ quote for rectifying wrong fuel removal was close to £3500 which is not a surprise to anyone in this business. Of course the main dealers will try to change as many affected parts as possible and charge as much as possible. That is the reason why mobile fuel drain companies are the best and cheapest option for removing unleaded from diesel car tanks.
New ML 350 are little tricky to drain as there is no easy access to the fuel tank or sender unit fitted in the fuel tank. Access cover plate to sender unit under the back seat is bonded not screwed. Usually that is the reason why this car cannot be drained on the street, unless owner agrees to open bonded fuel pump cover.. This usually takes extra 20 minutes if appropriate tools are available. Mick was not really willing to pay £3500 so opening the cover was not a problem for him. 30 minutes later fuel drain was completed, wrong fuel was removed from the car tank and Mick was safely recovered from misfuelling nightmare.
 If anyone have problems with sucking out fuel from the car tank contact Wrong Fuel Recovery.