Remove wrong fuel Gloucestershire Moreton in Marsh – VW Touran (unleaded in diesel engine)

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We received call from VW Touran driver David asking to remove wrong fuel Gloucestershire
Moreton in Marsh. David, without realizing it, inadvertently put petrol into his diesel car. He explained that after 10 miles it was not running properly. Then he called the roadside assistance company as he had this service covered by insurance company. Roadside assistance company could arrive after 2,5 hours ad there were no free units nearby. Meantime he called also VW dealer to explain the problem – they asked to bring car to the garage. As David had no time to wait for recovery company 2,5 hours nor bring it to dealer, he called us and explained that he had misfueled car and he had driven.

We were thankful that driver called us as our mobile fuel drain unit was very close to this area and after 25 minutes we were there to remove wrong fuel oxford – Moreton in Marsh from VW Touran car.

We always recommend not to attempt starting your vehicle and not to top up with the correct fuel – this will not rectify the situation and could result in irreversible damage.

But in this case, nevertheless car was driven – we made wrong fuel recovery work and put the car back on the road.

Wrong fuel recovery

Wrong fuel recovery

Our 6-Point Emergency Fuel Removal Process
1. Wrong fuel drain starts with emptying or draining incorrect fuel from your fuel tank.
2. Next step is to remove mixed fuel from the fuel lines and fuel filter.
3. Put 5-10 litres of fresh fuel into the fuel tank.
4. Fresh fuel needs to be pumped through the fuel lines and fuel filter to flushout any residual contaminated fuel.
5. Add high technology injection and fuel system cleaner (optional)
6. You are ready to go!

And to be sure– we are ISO9001 and PAS43 certified, so we follow all safety and high risk prevention rules.