Wrong fuel Coventry West Midlands – Jaguar X Type (Tesco Petrol Station)

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So you have put wrong fuel in Jaguar, no worries, you are not the first one. From time to time we receive callouts for mobile fuel drains as people put wrong fuel Coventry West Midlands in their cars. This time it was Jaguar X Type at Tesco Petro Station.

Our operator received phone call from driver who had put £15 of petrol in his diesel Jaguar. He discovered it when he went in the shop to pay for the fuel. He realised what he had done and asked petrol station operator for help. Operator gave him our business card and we were the first to whom Jaguar X Type owner called. We work with petrol stations so that you could get the wrong fuel recovery information more quickly and we can remove wrong fuel Coventry.

Wronf fuel recovery Coventry

Wrong fuel Coventry

Driver asked some questions about what to do next, start or not no star the car. He seemed very confused and stressed.
We were very understandable (as always) and our call centre operator calmed driver down explaining all aspects and issues related to the mobile fuel drain. We advised him to take a deep breath relax, switch off the engine and wait for us.

We explained what we will do. In no time at all our expert technician’s will be there with our specially equipped Mobile Wrong Fuel Drain Unit and he will know that he is in the right hands.

In no time at all the mobile fuel technicians will drain out the incorrect fuel, take out the mixed fuel from the fuel lines and filter, put 5-10 litres of fresh fuel in the tank, pump fresh fuel through the fuel lines to clean.

Lastly there will be a flush of the system with the right fuel. He will not need to pay out for the expense of transportation or engine repairs. It is not unusual, 450 people every day in the UK put the wrong fuel in a vehicle and we’ll make sure they are back on the road fast.

So if you have wrong fuel in car Coventry West Midlands, just call us on 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922 – you’ll be back on the road in no time. We have ISO 9001 and PAS 43 certification for mobile drain and roadside recovery.