Perfect service at BP petrol station in Witney (OX183YL Brize Norton Service Station)

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Wrong fuel in car

BP petrol station Witney

Just some time ago we received fantastic customer story regarding wrong fuel removal at BP petrol station in Witney. Here it is!

Fuel emergencies can happen at any time to anyone and it is one of the most stressful events a driver can face. While most people think about running out of fuel, the biggest issues with petrol and vehicles is putting the wrong fuel in car, truck, or van. I found out first hand just how stressful putting petrol in diesel can be and how costly this mistake can be without a reliable company to call for help.

I had just finished taking midterm exams at my university and was beyond stressed out from the long day. I was heading home when I realized I was low on fuel so I pulled into the BP petrol station  in Witney (Brize Norton Service Station) that was a few blocks away from the campus. In a complete daze, I filled up my truck- with the wrong fuel! As soon as I finished filling the tank I realized what I had done. I called my dad and he said that whatever I do to not start up the car as it would send the fuel through the lines and engine and make an even bigger mess.

There were people in line behind me waiting to fill their cars but I went into the BP petrol station and spoke with the attendant there and explained what happened. They were very, very friendly and helped me by getting the people in line to use the other pumps and set up some cones to block off my vehicle so no one else tried to get in behind me. Attendant at BP petrol station in Witney gave me Wrong Fuel Recovery business card, so finding the mobile fuel drain company was easy and light thanks to BP petrol station friendly staff. While they helped me with all stuff I called Wrong Fuel Recovery 0800 193 1103 and had them come out to help me. The person I spoke to on the phone was very helpful and reassuring and the team was out to help me in no time.

It didn’t take long at all and I was soon on my way. I was told that I fortunate that I had not driven my car any with the wrong fuel in it as that made it much easier to get the fuel out. Had I tried to drive to a regular mechanic or repair shop to have the vehicle flushed it would have cost four or five times as much. So I was glad that Wrong Fuel Recovery was able to help me and get me back on the road quickly and easily. This happened a month ago and since then, I have told everyone I know about Wrong Fuel Recovery and they have helped out a few of my friend too!

BP petrol station in Witney together with us have created process how quickly manage wrong fuel cases as time what the car is stopping the fuel pump, does not bring in money. BP petrol stations are good and reliable partners to us and together we bring more value to the customer!