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One of the cases of Wrong Fuelling that we even reminisce today while at work was associated with a young woman. Here’s how the story goes: We had just started our shift when we got a call and the frantic voice of a woman spoke up. She was stuck at a fuel court in the middle of the night due to wrong fuelling. We asked for her location and on noticing that she was quite far away from the city we told her that it would take some time for a team to reach her. She needed wrong fuel recovery Bedford Buckinghamshire.

We asked if she wanted to stay on call since we could keep her company and also keep from worrying about wrong fuelling. She said that she was glad that we were helping her out since she could not get help from anywhere at this late hour.

We asked her about her day, and how she got into this situation to which she started telling her tale. She was from the neighbouring city and was here visiting a friend. She had planned on staying the next day as well; however she was being called into work tomorrow so she decided to drive home tonight. As she was halfway through she noticed the fuel level was fairly low and decided to stop at the next fuel court. She soon arrived at a fuel court and filled in wrong fuel without paying attention to her actions. She noticed this while paying for the fuel and had been stranded at the fuel court for two hours before calling us. So she called us as she needed wrong fuel recovery Bedford Buckinghamshire.

wrong fuel in car Bedford

Wrong fuel in car Bedford

Soon, our team reached to assist her and we decided to cut the call. Later, our team informed that there was no severe damage to the car, however, she had filled in the entire tank and the fuel had stayed in it for more than 2 hours, so removing the wrong fuel took some time. Only after she got in her car and drove off did our team start towards our centre. She was really grateful to our entire team as without our assistance she would have been struck there for quite some time and missed the important meeting she had to attend at work.

Call our expert team on 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922 tell them you need a wrong fuel drain, and we’ll be with you soon. Just turn off the engine, relax and wait for us to arrive to avoid further damage. We can even stay with you on the line if it makes you feel safer and calmer.