Wrong Fuel Recovery In London

One of the busiest areas of the UK for traffic, London can be an especially daunting place to realise that you’ve put diesel into an unleaded engine or unleaded into a diesel engine – but don’t worry, help is at hand.

Believe it or not, over 400 Britons have a misfuelling accident every day. You’re not alone – it’s especially common in the first few weeks of owning a new car, usually after the thrill of the new has worn off, when you stop paying specific attention to using the right fuel pump and old reflexes resurface.

It’s also a regular risk for anyone who uses rental vehicles regularly, or who drives one vehicle for work and another at home.

What Should You Do?

The important first step is something you shouldn’t do – don’t drive off! If you’ve started driving away when you realise, pull over and stop the engine as quickly as possible. Otherwise, get clear of the pumps but don’t run the engine.

Running the engine draws the fuel into the system, where the chemical mix will start to do damage. The longer you run it, the more fuel ends up in places it can do more damage – so keep that to an absolute minimum.

The same is true if you’re running a diesel car and you slipped and pumped AdBlue into the fuel tank.

Call Us Right Away

Once you’re in a safe lace and your engine is off, call us immediately. You can call us on 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922 and our expert team will be on its way to you as quickly as possible.

The mobile fuel drain system will help us to empty and flush your fuel tank – whether petrol or diesel – and get it back into full working order. Once we have it cleaned out we can help with refuelling afterward and get you back on the road.

Don’t drive to a garage – you’re just circulating the bad fuel more. We’ll keep that to a minimum and get you on your way.