Revisiting Wrong Fuel Mistake

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

From the day you own a car, it
is must for you to be aware of wrong fuel draining mistake. It is one of those
mistakes that no motorist is able to avoid in their life. “Then why must I know
about it”? This is because; awareness mistake will definitely reduce the number
of errors that you are likely to make in your lifetime.
The number of motorists loading
wrong fuel into their car will leave you shocked. More than 1, 20,000 drivers
are placing wrong fuel into their vehicle tank. It is not that they are unaware
of the consequences. However, to err is human and they do it unwillingly due
to lack of enough concentration. And they pay through their nose to get their
vehicle back on the way to destination once again. It is not that all
wrong-fueling cases force the drivers to spend a fortune but most of the time;
the mistake makes their pocket lighter by a handsome amount of bucks.
The mistake is pretty easy to
commit if you are a day dreamer or thinking about anything but not whether you
have picked up the right fuel pump. The entire discussion boils down to a
single warning be extra careful when you are at the fuel court for refilling
your car tank. Most of the drivers make this mistake during rush hours in morning
or late at night. When they are in hurry to reach the workstations, it is
pretty understandable why such mistake happens. When they are driving back home
or on their way to other destinations, they feel tired and so are in no mood to
stay alert at the fuel court.

If an individual has purchased a
new car that runs on different fuel from his/her previous one, there is a high
risk of his using wrong fuel into the car. The main point in this regard is not
to turn on the ignition key. On some vehicles, drain-out work is quite
difficult. Latest makes and luxury models are tough to deal with as these
integrate high-end components and most sophisticated technology.