Don’t Be Stranded in Winter

When you misfuel – put petrol in a diesel tank or vice versa – you can do real damage to your engine if you try and run it. Both fuels contain chemicals which can damage engines not designed for them, and just turning the ignition will start the fuel pumping from the fuel tank through the system.
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Ask most people […]

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Diesel in a Petrol Car Engine

Don’t Let Diesel in Your Petrol Engine Ruin Your Day – Or Your Weekend!
Putting diesel in a petrol engine doesn’t need to ruin your day straight away, then eat up your next block of free time getting it fixed. Call us now on 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922 and we’ll solve your problem.

Over 400 Brits put the wrong […]

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Did You Put AdBlue in the Wrong Tank?

Diesel exhaust fluid, better known as AdBlue, is used in some modern diesel vehicles to reduce the nitrous oxide level in their fuel emissions. It’s often called a fuel additive – but that’s far from the truth.
Fuelling Mistakes in AdBlue Ready Vehicles
AdBlue has its own small ‘tank’, usually with a blue fill cap next to the black, red, or green […]

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What Happens When You Use the Wrong Fuel?

The unthinkable has happened. You’ve accidentally used the wrong fuel in your vehicle! But you’ve done the right thing and called us straight away. We’re on our way to help, but you find yourself wondering – what happens when you use the wrong fuel?
The Difference between Diesel and Petrol
The core to this understanding the difference between diesel and petrol engines. […]

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Is Putting Petrol in my Diesel Car Dangerous?

With the rising popularity of diesel engines across the UK, more and more drivers are making the switch to diesel.

There are plenty of good reasons for this; improved fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, the resultant lower annual road tax bill – but whatever the reason, the switch becomes more and more attractive and many drivers, as they replace their old […]

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You’re Not Alone: Accidents at the Filling Station

The Problem
It happens to over 400 Britons every day. Sooner or later, there’s a very good chance it will happen to you; you’re distracted, or tired, or you’ve recently changed from a petrol car to one with a diesel engine, and you pick up the wrong fuel hose from the pump.

Before you know it, you’ve filled your tank with the […]

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Saving a man’s reputation in front of his co-workers: wrong fuel Oxford

Over the years Wrong fuel recovery has formed a strong client base. Wrong fuel Oxford is very often place where we do our mobile fuel drains. It has been possible because people have trusted us and we have kept our promise on delivering the best service. Managing various situations might take up a lot of courage on our part. But so far have […]

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Providing Relief to Customers Is Our Primacy: Wrong Fuel Removal Northampton

Wrong fuelling is getting more & more known to every individual. It is just because the crucial work of filling car-engine needs much attention & care with a little bit patience. But people have no extra time to waste on merely loading petrol or diesel into their cars. They generally do that hurriedly or inattentively & commit wrong fuel mistake. Wrong […]

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