Fuel Replacement

Fuel Replacement Has Never Been So Fast!

So you’ve put petrol in your diesel engine, or diesel in your petrol tank? It’s a common accident, but it’s one that’s traditionally cost a lot to fix – both in money and time.

You may think, when you realise what’s happened, that you’re going to need to get your car towed to the nearest garage (or the nearest emergency repair company, if it’s late at night) which costs money and can take a long time to happen, then have the process handled there – expensively again – before you can get under way, several hours later and miles out of your way, now guaranteed to be late for whatever you were travelling towards.

The overall cost in time alone was a nightmare.

Happily, that’s no longer true – there’s a much faster solution that won’t cost the earth or leave you trying to navigate from a road you don’t know.

Pull over to the site, get out of traffic’s way, and call 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922. Our Mobile Fuel Drain team will be on their way to you in minutes and will arrive within an hour.

From there, the process is fast; removing the wrong fuel, flushing the contamination and adding enough of the right fuel into the tank to pump through the fuel lines and get you up and running.

You’ll be on the move again far faster.

Wrong fuel in car ?

We cover nationwide

Wrong Fuel in car ? Don’t worry ! If you have put the Wrong fuel in your car we can generally get to you within 1 hour and get you back on the road as soon as possible, just get in touch with our team for emergency 24/7 mobile fuel recovery.

Our 6-Point Emergency Fuel Removal Process


Wrong fuel drain starts with emptying or draining incorrect fuel from your fuel tank.


Next step is to remove mixed fuel from the fuel lines and fuel filter.


Put 5-10 litres of fresh fuel into the fuel tank.


Fresh fuel needs to be pumped through the fuel lines and fuel filter to flushout any residual contaminated fuel.


Add high technology injection and fuel system cleaner (optional)


You are ready to go!


Just writing to say thank you. I am very happy with the mobile fuel drain job you did on my Jaguar. After fuel drain, I have not had any problems with car at all. Thank you for professional fuel drain service, I found you to be very professional and knowledgeable and you arrived so quickly than I thought you would. Highly recommended company.

Robert (Witney)
Jaguar S-type

I would recommend Wrong Fuel Recovery to anybody who puts the wrong fuel in their car. I called them on a Sunday evening, and they were with me within 40 minutes. They emptied a full fuel tank, flushed the system, and had me back on the road within another 45 minutes. They were friendly, professional, and efficient.

Kath (Lemington Spa)
Land Rover

Thanks to Wrong Fuel Recovery and Technician for Excellent fuel drainage services. Recommended by a neighbour who had previously used fuel removal services of Wrong Fuel Recovery. Prompt efficient service at a really good price. Stopped with wrong fuel in my car near M1 motorway, All sorted within just an hour.

John (Milton Keynes)
Ford Mondo

Thank you for your help! Very friendly service, arrived promptly (quicker by ten minutes than announced), thorough, helpful in every way, explained the wrong fuel drain process with all the details I wanted to hear. Pumped out wrong fuel from my car very quickly. Saved the day (and my engine).

Paul (Rugby, Birmingham)
Ford Transit