Wrong Fuel Mistake Prevention is Possible- Petrol into diesel car

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

a few years, wrong-fuelling preventive devices will be a big hit in the market.
Such mistake, though often seems to be of mild type, leaves dreadful
inconvenience on car and even may prove to be very dangerous. You may have
heard it several times that “Prevention is better than cure”. So why not invest
into a device to prevent draining thousands of pounds quite a few times?
Recognition of Problems
incident mainly happens when the drivers or car owners accidentally place
diesel into petrol car. The diesel fuel pump nozzle is bigger than the nozzle
of an unleaded fuel pump. Such a mismatch prevents the drivers from
accidentally filling a petrol car with diesel. But the same is not true for the
diesel cars and that is why, wrong-fuelling usually refers to petrol placement
into a non-compliant diesel car.
to reports, nearly 200,000 drivers are estimated to put petrol in diesel car
every year. The problem is not limited to only UK and on rise worldwide. The
mistake is caused due to any of the following reasons:
More of people are switching from
petrol-powered vehicles to diesel-driven cars.
A lot variety of fuels are available
across the fuel court.
The drivers are little conscious while
refilling a car.
The cost of correcting a mis-fuel mistake can rise up
to thousands of pounds. However, the exact figure depends on the model of
vehicle and also the extent of damage (especially engine).
The most
viable solution is to purchase a preventive device, which is also a good
substitute for the car’s existing fuel filler cap. In its normal or usual
condition, the device puts up a barrier across the aperture for fuel intake,
thus preventing any access to fuel tank.

mechanical device is configured in such a way that when the nozzle of a diesel
fuel filler is inserted, the barrier will immediately swing out of way, letting
the fuel to be trickled into the car tank. The device can identify petrol and
diesel fuelling fillers. It will not open if there is any attempt to fill wrong
fuel into car tank.