Wrongfueling Mistake Three Things You Should Know

by | Jan 15, 2014 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

         Whatever be the reason behind misfueling, it happens
at wrong time when you are on your way to office, to meet your beau or see
off your parents and likes. And there is no magic to undo what you have done
but with little bit of knowledge, you can surely save your car from suffering
heavy damages due to wrong fueling. Follow these simple steps to avoid damages
and save on car repairing expenses.
Turn off your engine
          Those who place wrong fuel in their car realize the
mistake until they are halfway down the highway and the engine starts losing
power all on a sudden. In that case, you have no way but to call breakdown
service and wait until they come to your rescue. But the space of time during
which you have driven your car and it has been left unattended may cause
damages to car engine on a massive scale.
If you suspect what you have done before turning on
the car engine, you can fortunately save a lot of money and time as well. Once
the engine is started, the system draws up fuel and it could damage the fuel
delivery system and even engine. Diesel into petrol car does not create much of
problem though you need to be cautious while refilling your caravan tank. However,
in case of the opposite, damages are more severe as petrol, functioning as a
solvent, could remove lubrication and cause frictions between the metallic
components in your car.
Calculate amount of wrong fuel
         It is usually recommended to fully drain fuel tank if
you have accidentally pumped in wrong fuel. But if you realize your mistake
while still holding fuel pump in your hand, you may not need to call in
assistance for breakdown service.
Once you realize your mistake, calculate the amount of
fuel you have pumped in. If it is not more than 10% capacity of car tank, there
is no need to flush out the wrong fuel and you can refill the rest with correct
one. But if the percentage is more than the specified figure, it is better to
get the tank completely drained.

Last but not the least
       Call professional service to save
your time and expenses. The job needs skill, so always rely on a reputed
service provider to drain fuel tank