Saving you from causing bigger damage to the car: wrong fuel Banbury

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Wrong fuel recovery has gained a good deal of fame and respect over the years. This is due to our seamless and excellent service. We have been able to deliver the best throughout the country. Also we have obtained maximum support and co-operation from our customers. Situations can be of various types but our prime target is to help our customers in all possible ways. This story is about wrong fuel Banbury – story with happy end!

Last month I got a call from a caller named Mandy. She was a student and was pretty chirpy. Firstly, she called up and kept on praising our service. I asked her whether she has ever contacted us before. Then she told that her father’s car was mis-fuelled last year and she was present during that incident. She witnessed the entire event of extracting the wrong fuel.  She told that she was trying something similar to it but was unable to carry out the procedure. I got pretty surprised and asked her about the incident. She mis-fuelled her car by mistake as she was new to driving and she was trying to do the same by recalling how we helped her father in the similar scenario.

The process might look simple but it requires professional help and at first she kept arguing a bit but later she agreed to it and our team went to the spot. The girl was in her home and our team found that she was trying to extract the fuel with some beaker. They made her understand that it would only cause bigger problem for the engine. So, our team got into action and replaced the petrol with diesel and the car started working properly.

Wrong fuel Banbury Oxfordshire

Wrong fuel Banbury Oxfordshire

She thanked the team and was pretty surprised that the entire process was so quick. We advised her not to do it by herself all alone and told her that our team is always there to provide help whenever and wherever there is a need.

If you need a fast and professional wrong fuel recovery, you’re in the right place. Put petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol car? Our Mobile fuel drain unit can be with you very quickly. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0800 193 1103  or 07538 889 922 to drain your fuel tank.