Wrong Fuel Recovery helps – First rides are always special

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Our services are to help people rectify their mistakes with the least amount of hassle possible. Over the years, we have distinguished ourselves in providing speedy solutions to wrong fuelling of cars and it has left us with quite a number of memorable incidents. Wrong Fuel recovery helps people in situations where nothing seems to be helping.

One such incident happened around a month back. A young boy of around 16 called us up, saying that his car had stopped abruptly within a kilometer of driving out of the fuelling station. I could tell from my experience that though he sounded calm and composed on the telephone, he was quite shaken and it was evident that it took him a lot of effort to keep his voice steady. He said his name was Brandon. On asking him about the incident, he said that it was the first time that he had actually taken the car out by himself and his father had asked him to get it refueled before going to the supermarket. When the engine grinded to a halt, he had panicked and called up a friend who immediately gave him our number.

We sent out a team for the lad and found him on the verge of a nervous breakdown. We could understand the poor boy’s predicament since it was the first time his father had actually handed the keys to him and he managed to make a hash out of it. Our team however calmed the poor boy down and talked to him. We found out that the guy hadn’t quite asked his father what the car ran on and just filled the tank with Petrol on blind faith. While his decision was rash, it hadn’t done much damage. We immediately drained the fuel out and towed the car to the nearby gas station to get it filled with Diesel. Brandon couldn’t thank us enough for saving his face in front of his father and we came away richer for the experience. The teenager’s first ride wasn’t such a mess after all.

Wrong Fuel recovery helps where nothing seems to be helping.

wrong fuel recovery

wrong fuel recovery