Petrol in diesel car London Hayes Mercedes S Class (unleaded petrol in diesel car)

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Wrong fuel recovery

Wrong fuel recovery

We received call from desperate driver that he has put petrol in diesel car London Hayes for Mercedes S Class. As driver explained, he had accidentally taken the wrong pump and put in about 9 litres of unleaded petrol into his Merceded S class Cdi fuel tank. At the beginning, driver calculated that if he will fill up the tank fully, there will be about 70 litres of fuel. He made some calculation and discovered that the contamination would be approximately 13% of unleaded petrol. The main question was if this will damage Mercedes diesel engine? Or he can do this way and continue work.

What we answered to Mercedes driver is that in this case contamination is too high to drive without engine damage and you surely need to do mobile fuel drain.

Basically, if you have put unleaded in petrol in your diesel car, you do not have to consider some solutions or arrange next steps, you just need to remove wrong fuel from the car, clean fuel lines, fill up the car with fresh fuel and continue the road. This is the easiest and most safe way how to deal with this mistake with the least time and money spent.

Do not calculate the percentage of fuel contamination or how old or young the car is, just do the mobile fuel drain and you definitely will save time, money and your nerves.

We reached London Hayes area in 55 minutes, we helped the driver who had put petrol in diesel car in 20 minutes and afterwards driver could continue his journey. If you have put wrong fuel in London, please, call us on 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922 – we will be with you very shortly and put you back on the road.

With ISO 9001 and PAS 43 we can assure that all safety and risk aspects are taken into account and we are fully certified for all roadside recovery and mobile fuel drain. So please be sure that you choose certified company for the mobile fuel drain.