Wrong fuel: Catering to amateur driving needs

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Wrong Fuel in Car | 0 comments

IMG-20160525-WA0029Wrong Fuel check is extremely important and it needs more attention these days. People fall prey to wrong fuel and cause tremendous harm to their car. You must know that though wrong fuelling can be corrected it can still cause trouble for your car.

Wrong fuel recovery has been preaching the correct fuel practices for a long time but people are still turning a deaf ear to these messages. As a customer service executive, I deal with plenty of case where people can hardly understand the difference between the fuel needs of a car. Some might understand once they get an explanation whereas others would still argue and refuse to believe.

I had a caller on last Monday itself from Sheffield who was on her way to home from office. The name of the caller was Melinda. She sounded pretty nervous and all she said was that a guy from her office asked her to call us up. We asked her to give more details of the problem. She was an amateur in driving and did not know much about the cars. In the morning her father asked her to take the car to the gas station. She did not know which fuel was required and found that there was no diesel at the gas station. Instead she thought petrol would do the same job for her. She reached her office but while returning the car refused to start.

She thought probably it was some minor prick in the car and thought of calling a mechanic but she was unable to get one on the call. Then one of her colleague saw her struggling with the car and asked her about it. He understood that it was a mis-fuelled incident and gave us our number. Our team reached the spot and found out that the car was in a bad condition because of the wrong fuel. They took the car and asked her to collect it the next day. The damage was more than suspected but our fuel drainers have proficiency and experience and thus the car was back in its form by the next day.

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