Wrong Fuel Recovery Alcester: When advice lets you down

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We deal with so many cases of wrong fuelling. It’s often difficult to pinpoint an incident that really stands out. After all, in some sense of the term, what we do is rescue people from unpleasant situations and that’s always special. Wrong Fuel Recovery Alcester is one of the areas that we cover if people put wrong fuel in car. At Wrong Fuel Recovery, we strive for excellence in our service. Our motivation stems from the fact that we help get our customers out of tight situations for which they are grateful.

So it was a Saturday and the day was not the busiest. At around 5 I got a call from a youngster named Ivan. He sounded equal measures angry and embarrassed. From his voice, he probably was not a day older than 16. I explained that we only fix fueling problems. So if his car had broken down due to some other reason, he should probably call someone else. He assured us that he had filled the tank with wrong fuel. We immediately sent a rescue team to his location. He needed wrong fuel recovery Alcester.

wrong fuel recovery Alcester Warwickshire

Wrong fuel recovery Alcester Warwickshire

The team reached the spot to find Ivan and his friend arguing heatedly. As it turned out, it was the young lad’s first day out with the car. What he didn’t know was that the car was running low on fuel. So as soon as he took the car out, he noticed the gas tank was almost empty. He drove into a gas station with his friend but was unsure as to whether the car ran on diesel or petrol. On asking his friend for advice, he said he knew that the car model they were currently riding ran on petrol. He was supremely confident about it. So Ivan filled it up with petrol. Turns out the car was a diesel variant and the engine jammed up within a few kilometers to leave the boys stranded midway.

Our operator drained the fuel. He fixed up the engine and had it carried to the nearby gas station and soon the boys were on their way. Another reason why taking advice blindly is not always a good idea.

We receive such calls every day at Wrong-Fuel-Recovery.co.uk and we are here to help – IMMEDIATELY! Call our expert team on 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922. Tell us you need a wrong fuel drain, and we’ll be with you soon. Just turn off the engine, relax and wait for us to arrive. To avoid further damage, please do not drive the car. In under an hour, our experienced technician will be with you with the Mobile Fuel Drain to sort your car out.