Wrong fuel? Need mobile recovery!

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

Why Fuel Recovery? 

In the recent times, millions of cars turned up at the doorstep of the vehicle service stations to get their cars repaired. Of these, many belonged to the category of people who had fueled up their tanks with the wrong fuel. This accidental fueling was not covered in their insurance and, they had to suffer a huge cost. If this has happened to you, you would know how it feels to shell out money to repair your beloved car. This is the reason why many companies started with mobile fuel recovery services. Now you don’t need to get your car repaired by spending a lot of money. Instead you can recover the wrong fuel, wherever you are, and enjoy good health of the fuel tank. 

If you just poured diesel in a petrol car, you have caused a bit of damage to the spark plug and the engine. You are lucky because the combustion rate of diesel is lower than that of petrol, hence diesel takes time to burn. You would have recovered the fuel by the time the diesel could cause any damage to your vehicle. In fact diesel acts slowly, so the maximum damage that diesel can do to your petrol tank is burn out the spark plug. 

Now that you have wrongly fueled your tank, you should ideally not start the engine. The reason being that this wrong fuel would cause your engine damage if started! Call up the helpline number 0800 193 1103 of the nearest recovery service center. The mobile drain services are available in every nook and corner, what with the increase in these issues. They have special equipment and a group of trained workers, both of who would execute perfect recovery of your fuel. If you call up the helpline, these workers with their equipment reach out to you in no time. 

Why does diesel in a petrol car not burn properly? The reason is that the injectors and lubrication is built within petrol and diesel engine is different. The environments are completely suitable for the particular fuel. The recovery services are completely environment friendly. You can always rely on these services to ensure proper and harmless disposal of the fuel. They make sure that no part of the earth gets contaminated due to the disposal of this wasted fuel. 

Wasted fuel by filling in the wrong one? Don’t fret! Call the nearest service center and lodge a complaint to get serviced at affordable prices.