£9,000 That is What Police Force Paid for Wrong Fuel Mistake

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Police force in UK has disclosed
the cost of repairing diesel cars which have been damaged due to mis-fuel
mistake. The authority has also announced to come up with a sticker scheme to
remind their officers, after all it is taxpayers’ money that they are draining
The police hierarchy also admitted
that repairing cost was low before 2013 reportedly in the region of £90 in
2012 because wrong codes were submitted on repairing invoices.
Such an abnormal jump from £90
to £8,958 is really unbelievable but is a fact. It happened due to recording
errors that were not rectified.
Loading diesel into a petrol car
produces little damage but doing just the opposite can destroy your car engine,
resulting into a repairing bill of £5,000 or more. The cost is higher if the
officers cannot identify the mistake and drive away. Starting the engine allows
the incorrect fuel to circulate within the engine. ‘
There are several instances
where it is possible to drain out wrong fuel at a cost of about £300. However,
if the car is started, it would lead to more damages to car and push repairing
bill higher.
West Midlands Police has issued
a response to a request from Freedom of Information that they are busy working
on a fresh driver policy which will rightly address the problems related to
They also claim to have stickers
labeled around the fuelling point, which will indicate these vehicles are
The police force has also taken
a new initiative namely “Pride in our Police”. It is aimed at creating and
supporting a culture which the staff will be proud of. An integral part of the
initiatives is to improve the standards of the drivers as well as delivery of
The police chiefs have spent on pro-active
devices that help prevent mistakes. Last year, the West Mercia Police disclosed
that all the cars in their Midlands fleet had been equipped with a preventive
device that would allow for use of only diesel nozzles.

The high police officials said – in last year – to
have made investment on a device that will allow for insertion of only diesel