Asda cap on fuel prices makes the cost of wrong fuel recovery less

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In Britain, petrol has been on the increase over the past
few years, and now it’s reaching the stage where very few people can actually
comfortably afford to put fuel in their cars. Petrol and diesel are almost a
necessity when it comes to daily living to get to work, do the shopping, take
the kids to school, visit family and the prices just seem to be getting more
and more absurd.
Asda announces cap on fuel prices
However, this week, Asda have rattled the chains of
supermarkets across the country by announcing they will be putting a ‘national
cap’ on their fuel prices. What they’ve said is that unleaded will not rise
about 130.7p per litre, and diesel will not rise above 134.7p per litres. Other
supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons have quickly followed in
their steps in an aid to help cash-strapped households.
Supermarkets have long been at war over petrol prices, each
trying to undercut the other to monopolize on the fact that many people can’t
afford the extortionate fuel prices of today. While they would like to make out
that they’re each trying to help customers who are facing breaking the bank
each month, in reality, it’s simply a supermarket price war.
Campaigners continue to urge government to lower the duty on fuel
Needless to say, the news has been welcomed by campaigners
who want to see petrol come back down to realistic prices. But it’s not good
enough, they’ve said, and are now urging the government to lower the duty on
fuel, which at the moment is at 58p per litre. This is despite the fact that
crude oil, at the end of last week, was coming in at less than $100 a barrel.
So while the news of supermarkets lowering prices is always
welcome, the question still remains as to whether or not it’s enough to keep
people on the road.
Wrong fuel recovery in Brighton, West Sussex and Birmingham 
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