Branded Fuel vs Supermarket Fuel

by | Jul 19, 2014 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

All types of fuel whether petrol, diesel or anything else sold in the UK market, are always aligned with the relevant and existing British Standards. It implies these fuels will perform in similar way and buying the same fuel from any fuel court will not create any problem with your car.
Every petrol station uses a ‘base’ fuel standard that is procured from the same refinery in the UK and it does not matter at which fuel court you are buying it from. However, there is a difference and it is, different kinds of additives used by different companies are added to their fuel before it is finally reached the station and pumped into your car tank. Remember that it may be a reason why some car owners or drivers say that their vehicles produce better mileage and performance over other’.
Supermarket Fuel Is It Inferior in Quality?
The general answer is ‘NO’. This is because; all fuels as it is previously mentioned are sourced from the same refineries across the UK. Different fuel outlets, no matter if it is a supermarket filling court or branded filling court, will have a clearly defined minimum performance level needed from the particular fuel and that will lead to different types and levels of additives added to standard ‘base’ fuel.
These additives can produce positive effect on MPG as well as general running of your car. Such lift in performance is experienced on more extreme level by some drivers compared to others. However, in some cases, you will hardly experience any major difference or even difference at all.
Final Word
Depending on the type of vehicle an owner or a driver is driving no matter if it features a standard map or is tuned he/she will see the differences between filling the vehicle at different filling courts, even in case of branded ones. Bear it in mind that all are distributed by the same refineries across the country and all of them are in complete compliance with the British Standards. Therefore, you can refill your car at any fuel station because all are using the same ‘base’ fuel.

Wrong fuel expenses are the same, whichever fuel station you have bought vehicle from.