Do Insurance Companies Prove Coverage for Wrong-Fuel Mistake

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According to survey, diesel car motorists in the UK often
fill up their vehicles with non-compliant fuel, which results into heavy
repairing cost that could reach as high as £5,000. One third of the insurance
schemes do not provide coverage for the mis-fuelling accident, according to a
survey by the Insurance Brokers’ Association or BIBA.
BIBA have disclosed that 95 percent of 150, 000
wrong-fuelling cases registered every year are about petrol in diesel cars,
owing to narrow unleaded petrol pump nozzle and bigger diesel filler neck.
Repairing cost varies, ranging from £300 for fuel draining to £5,000 in case of
serious damages. A survey carried out by BIBA also reveals that 30 percent of
the major insurers working in UK refuse to pay for such type of accident.
Their survey also suggests that most of the
wrong-fuelling incidents happen on Monday morning and Friday evening. This may
be because those sitting behind the wheels are engrossed in thoughts about
weeks ahead or how to enjoy weekend. The insurance companies treat such mishap as
accidental damage claim, under an inclusive insurance scheme. However, if it is
a third-party policy excluding claim for fire, theft and incorrect fuelling,
then the motorists are less likely to claim for damage.
So the car drivers should ask the brokers whether the
particular insurance company or policy includes coverage for such kind of
accident. BIBA also urges the drivers to buy an insurance policy that will work
as a protection in the event of such occurrence. Coverage of wrong-fuel mishap
will make the insurance policy a little more expensive, instead you are
recommended to pocket out extra to have a peace of mind as it is one of the
most common mistakes by the drivers.

If a motorist puts wrong fuel into tank, BIBA advises him/her
not to start the car engine and immediately contact a wrong fuel drain company.
Insurers will not be willing to pay if you have driven your car with
contaminated fuel in the engine.  This is
because; such action will be regarded negligence or ignorance on part of the