Do not drive with wrong fuel in your car tank, ask fuel drain company to remove unleaded fuel from your diesel car

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           Fact is always stranger than
fiction! So it might sound strange that every ten minutes, at least one
motorist fills up his car with wrongfuel. What if that happens to you? It is definitely an expensive
mistake and you have no way but to get the car tank drained and properly
cleaned. If you decide otherwise, more expenses for damage repairing are
imminent and your car insurance policy is less likely to include any such
           One of the most common
mistakes the car owners often commit while filling up their tank is using
petrol into diesel engines. According to reports, about 95 percent of all misfuelling
incidents take place this way. Another interesting fact is most of such cases
happen on Monday morning as well as Friday evening when the car owners pick up
speed on their way to work and back from the same.
Don’t Drive off
         That’s the first advice to
follow once such mistake happens. Even you must avoid key turning in ignition. If
you do otherwise, the fuel pump will suck fuel from the tank, contaminating the
fuel system. It won’t be a great trouble to drain fuel sitting in car tank and
clean the fuel filters. But if it gets round your engine, it will be a major
problem and even prevent your vehicle from properly working.
If anyone has put petrol in his diesel car, as an
immediate action, the vehicle should be put into neutral condition and pushed
to a safe place. And then, place a call to a local garage or a breakdown
company to fix things up.
Is There Any Way to Avoid the Mistakes?
            Yes, as a car owner, you
must be careful so that such things don’t happen. As a proactive approach, the
diesel car owners could use a fuel sure diesel fuel cap. And that’s fairly easy
to get. It is a good replacement for the traditional fuel cap in your vehicle
and as a result, prevents the smaller petrol pump nozzle from fitting in,
eliminating the chance of misfuelling.

There are some insurance
policies which provide coverage on expenses of tank drainage but won’t involve
accidental damage of any body part if you drive off. So prevention is always
better than cure!