Filled Diesel in Petrol Car and 3 Other Emergency Situations for Drivers

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Wrong fuel removal

Wrong fuel in car

Filled Diesel in Petrol? Read this out!

Though I was never fond of driving as a
kid, I slowly grew a strong interest in cars as I grew as a teenager. Since
then I have been driving, sometimes my own cars and sometimes cars belonging to
my clients. I have driven some of the smallest cars and the most powerful SUVs.
There is a lot that I have learnt through my experience over these years.

Problems can arise anytime you can never
be too careful to avoid them. Here I have discussed some of the issues that
have landed me in trouble on the road. While some of the problems do have a
solution, like filling in diesel
in petrol cars
or taking care of a flat tire, others may not leave you with
any options!
up your car with the wrong fuel

This is one of the silliest mistakes I made
in my early days. I was driving my own car for a client overnight. The contract
was to drive him over long distances for two days and then drive back with him
to London. This involved a lot of driving, mainly on the highways.
I had to fill the car with petrol on the
second day, for which I pulled up by a service station. However, instead of
filling in petrol, I accidentally filled in diesel! The car simply wouldn’t
start. It took the mechanics at the service station around 4 hours to get the
issue fixed. The whole fuel system was flushed, the filters needed to be
cleaned, and I had to pacify an extremely annoyed client!
than 1 flat tire

Sometimes when you are out of luck, and a
bit careless, things can definitely go wrong. This time I was driving an SUV
which belonged to the customer. We were delivering machine parts from the
factory to the warehouse. This involved a lot of off-road driving, and we had
to drive mostly in the night.
I didn’t care to check the tires before we
started which is something that you must do on such trips. Soon enough we had
a flat tire! I got it changed with the spare and we started again on our
journey to the warehouse. It was just about an hour before another of the tires
decided to give way. We had to call the service station to get it fixed there
was no other option left for us!
gone bad

I have had this issue thrice while driving
older cars supplied by customers. You turn the car’s engine off while you are
waiting for a bit, and the car wouldn’t start anymore. The lights and every
other electrical equipment stops working.
All you can do in such a situation is get
in touch with another car, use the jumpers and start the car. Keep the car
running till you get to a service station!

While driving a smaller car non-stop over
the highway for six hours, I found smoke coming out from the engine. The engine
was overheated. The reason why we were driving non-stop is because we were on a
tight schedule and were running out of time! We finally had to wait for around
an hour before the car was driveable again!
No matter what you do, always remember to
maintain the safety measures while driving cars and other motor vehicles. These
were just a few problems that you may face on the road. Even though there will
always be situations on which you would have no control, being caution can
avoid a number of problems that may otherwise turn things ugly.
Have a safe journey!