How to Drain out Wrong Fuel from Car Tank (Part I Petrol Engine)

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

There are few obvious signs that your car is carrying
wrong fuel in its tank. If the engine misses and halts even after you have
refueled car tank, there is a heavy chance that it is not running on right
fuel. The only way out is to remove wrong fuel from your car tank and refill it
with the right type. What if you drive a petrol car and have placed diesel in
it? The write-up describes how you can evacuate your car tank.
Step 1
Lift the hood/bonnet as you have to take out air filter
housing so that carburetor is exposed. You will find a suitable bracket bar/ratchet
and ring spanner or screwdriver or socket which will help you with securing/removal
of screws.
Step 2
Remove wrong fuel from car tank. Every vehicle tank is
attached with at least two fuel channels. One of them sucks fuel from car
bottom and the second one returns unused fuel from engine. The first thing for
you to know is if your engine has an electrical or mechanical fuel pump. Electrical
pump usually touches the bottom of tank and is submerged in fuel. Mechanical
fuel pumps are mounted on the cylinder head/engine block. If after taking cover
off fuses which are normally placed under steering wheel, you notice any
reference to a fuel pump fuse, then it must be an electrical fuel pump in your
Step 3
Find out the fuel line running from
carburetor supplying fuel. It is connected to visible fuel filter. Every modern
car features anti-siphon device beneath the filler cap of tank and you can
drain out wrong fuel with help of fuel pump. Mechanical fuel pumps work fine if
the engine is turned but you must not do that as it will leave the battery flat
before the car tank is flushed out of the fuel line. In case of electrical fuel
pump, it is possible – after removing the fuses – to short circuit a wire
running from the horn. The pump will remove the fuel into a bottle which can
fit at the end of the line.
Step 4

When the line
will stop pumping, install petrol into car tank and put every removed thing
back in their exact place.