Insurance Coverage for Wrong Fuel Mistake

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When it comes to insurance coverage for
wrong fuel mistake, the two most important factors that the intending insurance
buyers must enquirer about are:
What benefits are included?
What features are excluded?
What coverage is provided by these
insurance companies?
It depends on your wrong fuel car
insurance policy though following features are usually common to every offer:
Car repairing at a local service center for drain-out
Draining car tank and thorough cleansing of car engine
and fuel supply system
  • Any claim
    that can go up as high as £250
Some car insurance providers have their
policies extended to coverage of expenses for refilling drained-out car tank
with 10 liters of correct fuel to get your vehicle up and going once again,
apart from allowing you to visit a local garage for car servicing.
What is not included in insurance
policies for wrong fuel coverage?
The car insurance policies providing coverage
for wrong fuel mistakes usually drop these following features:
if any mechanical component or other parts of your car
are damaged, irrespective of whether such injuries have been caused due to
mis-fuel mistake or not
the cost incurred by the driver for using an alternative
car if his/her own vehicle is not drivable
any claim in relation with loss for using the vehicle
any damage claim outside of the UK
any wrong-fuel claim within 14 days of starting of the
any claim for damages to fuel system if wrong fuel used
in car is neither petrol nor diesel
expenses of correct fuel
A common condition required by all
wrong fuel insurance providers in the United Kingdom is all drain-out and
repairing expenses must be backed by a written report and original receipt from
the breakdown service center where draining work was carried out.

Even if you are getting same amount of
coverage from two companies, you may be required to pay different figures. So,
before opting for a particular policy, judge if you are getting right type of
wrong fuel coverage and whether it comes at a reasonable price.