Petrol in Diesel Car & You Are Yet to Drive Away

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

Wrong fueling is one of the most common incidents with the
car owners. As perceived by many, it is not expensive always. If you realize
that wrong fuel has been pumped into your car before starting it, this is
really good news as you can avoid any long-term damage to your fuel system or
diesel car engine.
If installed petrol is 10% or less than full capacity of
your diesel tank, it won’t create any problem if the rest of the tank is filled
with diesel and you start the engine. But if the percentage is more than 10% of
car tank capacity, then you have to get the tank drained out.
Petrol, if present in larger amount, can play havoc on
diesel car engine. In extreme cases, the engines may be replaced (if repairing
is not possible and could only be a temporary solution). The degree of harm
if petrol is wrongly placed in diesel car is not same always and varies at
different stages of owners’ realizing the mistake.
Petrol in Diesel Car is what keeps the
fuel draining specialists busy throughout the year. You might wonder how
persons could be so careless until you commit the mistake yourself. There are
many people who realize their errors before starting their car while others pay
through their nose just because they realize it late. More delay means more you
have to pay.
If you approach a breakdown service
center with your wrong fuelling problems, the first question they will ask how
much petrol has been placed in car tank. If it is too much, only then they
think about drain-out on car tank. The tank is emptied and then cleaned
properly. Cleaning is done also on fuel channels.

After these primary works are done, the
tank is filled for test drive to check for any error. If engine produces any
abnormal noise or it feels jumpy ride, it means problems still persist and
there is a need for further checking or replacement. In most of the cases,
filters are replaced. And it needs no mention that more checking, repairing and
replacement will cost you a tidy sum.