Revisiting Wrong-Fueling Problems

by | Jun 9, 2014 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

How many of you have put wrongfuel into your car tank? I think all of you. Even if a few are exceptions, they
too will do it one day. And once you do it, your day is almost spoiled. That
happened to me. I was driving my new brand Mercedes Benz E 350. But I hit the
road with not enough fuel in my car. So I had to halt at a fuel court on my way
to destination. I was staring at the sky, looking at those twinkling stars
while loading fuel into car tank.
It was a diesel car and I loaded
petrol into it. When I realized, I felt like running away, leaving the country.
At first, I put all blame on petrol station, despite being fully aware that the
fault was mine. “What will I do now? The car is not moving even an inch”, I
whispered to myself. I was at a loss. “Should I tow the car to a breakdown
service center”? But that was unlikely and I knew it. I called one of my
friends and he suggested me to switch off the ignition key and I just did that.
He also gave me the contact
number of a mobile wrong fuel drain-out specialist. I called them, they came
and finally I got rid of the problem. I just want to tell you – the car owners
and drivers to be extremely careful while tanking up fuel as lapse of
concentration even for a while will lead to heavy casualty for your car health
as well as your pocket. “Prevention is better than cure” the proverb is aptly
pertinent here.

The technicians fixed the issues
within 35 minutes. It took them such a short span of time because I did not
drive with contaminated fuel. Wrong-fueling happens because we, human being,
are prone to mistakes. If you are trapped into a wrong-fueling incident, make
sure to consult a breakdown service professional who is expert in this regard.
Have their contact number saved in your mobile so that you can immediately get into
touch of them whenever there is a problem.