Someone who knows how to remove wrong fuel from diesel car

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 Most people, who drive through long
distances regularly, know what to check before you set out on a
journey. Yet, you never know what the journey ahead of you has in
store. No matter how careful you are with things, you may land up in

I travel a lot, all over the country,
delivering portable electronic products to clients for my company. On
an average, I generally drive six hours every day. I am a patient and
careful driver and have never got myself into any trouble while
The journey
           I remember, it was a Sunday and I had
to start early on the next day and drive all through the day, reach
London, pick-up the goods to be delivered through the week, drive to
Oxford and then drive back home.
I had cleaned the truck and had all the
paperwork ready that I would require the next day. I had a friend
travelling with me, so I had company all through till I returned home
at the end of the day.
Where I missed out
           Though we started on with the journey
as planned, I missed out on pumping fuel into the SUV. This may be
because I got to sleep very less the previous night or due to the
fact that I had Frank travelling with me. We got into some
conversation and were soon speeding away on the highway to London.
I did not realise that the vehicle
needed refuelling till we had reached London and picked up the goods
that needed delivery. There was still some fuel left, and we decided
to fill the vehicle up once we were on our way back home from Oxford.
Pumping in petrol in my diesel SUV
             On our way back, we stopped at a
service station and I asked Frank to fill the vehicle up. I went to
buy some food when he accidentally pumped in 30 litres of unleaded
petrol in my diesel vehicle. I realised what had happened only after
I returned to the vehicle.
I switched off the ignition immediately
and enquired about what to do at the service station. Luckily, I was
given a “0800”  number to call, and we rang up Wrong
Fuel Recovery.
Getting hold of someone to help
              While we had expected a long wait for
someone to arrive, we were glad to have someone with us within the
next half hour. The technician was very courteous and extremely
skilled at what he did. He was quick in getting the equipment ready
from the mobile van with which he drained the contaminated fuel out
of the SUV.
Quick service
               He worked on our vehicle for about an
hour. He mentioned that it was good that I switched off the ignition
immediately after I realised that we had pumped in the wrong fuel in
the car. This prevented any damage and made his job easy.

I was very happy with the way things
were handled by the technician, and I would strongly recommend Wrong
Fuel Recovery if you have also pumped in the wrong fuel into your car
by accident.