Wrong Fuel Drain-Out – Statistics & Myth vs Reality

by | Sep 22, 2014 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

Over the last few years better to say, a decade wrong fuelling has emerged as one of the most feared and widely discussed causes of car breakdown. It is not
only true for UK but also throughout the entire globe. Mis-fuelling or wrong-fuelling was one of the most unheard problems but the scenario is
completely different now. The reason could be that there are more car owners now than what it was a decade ago and a larger number of motorists drive
diesel-run vehicle.

There are several facts and myths about wrong fuelling. This blog serves as a guideline for the motorists who have run out of luck as they find themselves
standing helplessly with their cars that are no longer working. Reason? They have poured incompatible fuel in car! As many are doing the same kind of
mistake, so you must not blame or curse yourself.







A very few reliable statistics are available to give you a clear picture about this kind of vehicle breakdown. Wrong-fuelling is usually not covered by the
insurance companies and neither by warranty. Vehicles that are serviced at the large motoring centres are often filled with incorrect fuel. However, as the
drivers in most of these cases are unprepared or unaware of the true reason of car’s breakdown, the incident is usually reported as an indeterminate

However, as per available reports, more than 150,000 car drivers pick up the problem of wrong-fuelling every year. The figure is all about the drivers in UK. Without going into the analysis why they do it, I just want to say it is too common a mistake that worrying a lot will be just like making mountain of a mole hill. You need to contact a specialist fuel drainer and they will bring your car to full recovery by removing wrong fuel in tank

The most common myth is wrong fuelling is a notoriously costly mistake whereas the reality is it could be rectified even without dispensing with a petty figure. Some motorists try to evacuate the car tank on their own but they must understand that they cannot be the master of all trades.