Wrong Fuel Mistake Even Not Sparing Police Force

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

            Wrongfueling mistake is on rise
with every passing day. Saying so, however, does not clear the picture. Figure
plays a role here. Fueling mistake amounted to over £5000 in last quarter of
2013 since 2008. And that mistake was done by not an individual but Tamiside
police force. They should not be singled out as Mercian police officers also
joined the groups that commit such mistakes with high frequency.
Over the past 2 years, more than
16 different incidents of misfueling have come under scrutiny and that led to a
repair bill of £2,312 in total. However, the Mercian police officers have
failed to make it clear if the problem resulted from placing diesel in petrol
car or petrol into a diesel caravan. Whatever the case be, it is a financial
blow to any individual or organization.
            Apart from the individuals,
police forces and other organizations too have decided to follow money-saving
schemes. However, these growing incidences of wrongfueling though it is still
small in percentage are emerging as a serious threat to their ‘penny-wise’
policy. Some measures are already underway to move the police cars towards a
single fuel type. Other vehicles are ‘marked’ to safeguard against misfueling.
Though wrongfueling mistakes by police
force have made the headlines in several newspapers, the misjudgment is also
very common in case of a larger amount of individuals at one time or another.
The first mantra to deal with such kind of accidental mishap is not to worry as
there are several wrong fuel draining companies to handle the issue even if you
have started the vehicle without being aware of that it could be harmful.

If you ever get the chance of having a look at
the wrongfueling cases, you will understand that ‘petrol in diesel car’ is a
more common type of occurrence whereas the opposite is almost unheard. Whereas
in the later case, compatibility issue prevents such happening, unfortunately
it does not play a role in case of a diesel car. However, in both cases, complete
removal of wrong fuel is suggested to avoid any immediate or further damage and
heavy repairing bill