Wrong Fuel Mistake What Will You Do?

by | May 10, 2014 | Fuel Advice | 0 comments

Placing wrong fuel in a vehicle  be it a two-wheeler, van, lorry or something else happens more than you can
even imagine. Despite the fact that wrong fuel placement has become a regular incident,
most people are surprisingly unaware of what they should do. Even they don’t
have the contact number of a wrong fuel draining company.
What you should do?
Never expect the best if you
drive off. Driving your car with wrong fuel into it will simply spell unthinkable
and colossal disaster on engine. You will be slapped with a repairing bill that
may run to an astronomical amount. However, even that will be better for you as
in the worst cases, engines are written off. There are not many insurance
companies that will provide coverage if you have driven your car following
wrong fuel placement. So it is you who have to pay a heavy price for your
But what if you place correct
fuel into your tank and drive off? Can you hope for the best? Well, there is no
way. Surprised? Fact is, even contaminated fuel in your car tank may cause
repairable or non-repairable damages to engine. As an immediate action, you will
call a breakdown service provider. You will find that your current policy does
not provide coverage for accidents or breakdowns that have been caused due to
human errors. Wrong fuel installation is categorized as human mistake by the
car insurance companies and as a result, you will return empty-handed from the
door of insurers.
All breakdown service companies
are not expert at wrong fuel drain-out. They outsource the work and for that,
demand a premium from you. Go through your insurance policy coverage. If it
contains a human error clause, contact a specialist wrong fuel drainer instead
of approaching a breakdown service provider, it will see a good reduction in
the amount you have to pocket out for repairing or replacement.
What will be the best course
of action?

The simplest action is the best
one in this regard. You should always have contact number of a reputed wrong
fuel draining company saved in your mobile or have a card of them in the glove