Cannon pool Service Station – BP petrol station in Witney – excellent customer service

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We share our experience with you because we want you to be informed how to act and what to do if you accidently put unleaded petrol in diesel engine and happen to discover this fact at petrol station. This time read the case about Cannon pool Service Station (OX281HQ) – BP petrol station in Witney where lady had received professional and very friendly support for wrong fuel recovery.

It is so easy to put the wrong fuel in a car, and hundreds of people in the UK do it every day. Everybody had heard this, but this is what happened to one lady just a few days ago. She was out running errands with her two young children when she had to stop for gas. The kids had been begging for a toy and after dealing with their arguing and pleading for the last hour she was frazzled and distracted as she fuelled up an ended up putting unleaded petrol in diesel engine. As she explained, she never realized what she had done and drove off to the last errand she had to run, but then engine stopped working as soon as the lady got into the parking lot. It was then that she realized that had put wrong fuel in the car.

BP Petrol station in Witney

BP Petrol station in Witney

All she could see were the dollar signs it would take to get this fixed and she could see her savings going up in flames. Then she remembered someone telling me about Wrong Fuel Recovery so she pulled out the phone, looked up , but unfortunately there was no internet access’s so she could not google for the number. Only thing she had was receipt from BP station in Witney where their phone number was on. She called and explained all situation and friendly and very helpful BP petrol station staff gave her all our business card details, so she gave us a call. Our Wrong fuel recovery operator was very friendly and reassuring, especially when he heard the kids crying in the back seat. We assured her everything would be fine and within a short time of calling the mobile fuel recovery unit was there.

We have nothing but good things to say about the staff at Cannon pool Service Station (BP Petrol station Witney) . They were quick and professional and very friendly. In less than an hour we were done, fuel was removes, the engine was flushed, and we were on our way home! The lady later told us that our recovery team was very nice and all process was explained. If customer is happy -with our team than we are too! Many thanks to BP Petrol station in Witney – guys you do great job! Well done.

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