Fiat driver: I have put petrol in diesel Buckingham, what now?

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Wrong fuel recovery

Wrong Fuel Recovery Fiat Buckingham

As a wrong fuel recovery specialist for more than a decade, I have several good experiences to share. In fact, I find it difficult to decide what to pick and what to leave when it comes to sharing my experiences as a wrong fuel recovery and drainage specialist when people put petrol in diesel Buckingham. Here is one experience straight from my diary.

It was when I was a newbie in the field. I completed my bachelor degree in engineering ahead of joining Wrong Fuel Recovery as an apprentice. I was asked in an interview if shifting duty was okay for me. “Yes, it is”, I answered promptly. I joined office the very next day.

My immediate boss was qualified and had experience of 25 years. He was a man in his late forty and still looked handsome. Throughout the day, several phone calls came to office and the professionals were sent to different locations to recover wrong fuel and fix up mis-fuelling problems when petrol in diesel Buckingham has become a problem.

When I was about to leave the office, I got a tap on shoulder. It was my boss. He wanted me to join his team heading to Buckingham for wrong fuel removal in Fiat. I agreed without a second thought. It is still vivid in my memory that the first customer I met in my life was a lady namely Sarah.

Sarah was returning home from airport. She drove to the airport to say goodbye to her fiancé. It was her boyfriend’s car that she was driving. It was a diesel car and she put petrol in diesel Buckingham. Signs of anxiety were evident on her face, but such mistakes happen also to the best ones. My boss started working with his junior engineers and technicians. It took us less than 20 minutes to take wrong fuel out of Sarah’s car tank.

We checked the Fiat car and I liked the entire step-by-step process of fixing up the issues. After we were done with our primary work of recovery, we proceeded to the next phase of comprehensive flush-out of wrong fuel in car. We installed fresh fuel into the tank and then flushed it out throughout the fuel supply channel in order to cleanse the components.

I was late to return home but it was a day worth remembering! So my first working experience was on Fiat, driver Sarah had put petrol in diesel Buckingham and we fixed it. Call us on 0800 193 1103 or 07538 889 922 and I will help you.